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A Seminic Influx is an easy, and affordable way of burning stomach fat. It has been scientifically proven that a Male's Semen is very high in anti-oxidants and would serve as a fat burning substance if consumed at least once every two weeks. The reason for this is because if it is not digested every two weeks, your body will lose its tolerance for it and it will become harder to break down inside of your stomach. In other words, if it is not consumed on a two week basis, your stomach mucles will lose all ability to use enzymes to break the Semen down, and form it into a fat burning substance. Subsequently, by a woman or a male, digesting a mans Semen every two weeks, the Semen will begin to burn the intaking partners stomach fat.
If a woman is hypothetically dating or engaged or married to man, and they are at a point where physical activities are no longer awkward, and the woman wants to lose weight; peforming oral sex on her male partner once every two weeks will enable her to burn stomach fat extremely easily. This is the whole idea of the Semenic Influx diet.
by BrianHarlow1 May 25, 2010
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