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Rules Of Semen Roulette:
The object of the game is for one lucky person to get a female pregnant.

The players will start by ejaculating into a large or medium sized bowl.
One person will then mix all the semen into one pile.
One person will procede to put all the mixed semen into a female's vagina.
Then the players wait 9 months!
Once the baby has been born, the mother will take care of the child.
The players will then procede to take a DNA test to determine the father.
The remaining father(S) will then laugh at the father who didnt train

there sperm to swim the other way. Thus now being a father. the fathers

life will then be ruined, and the remaining players will continue to keep

playing to find out who's sperm are infertile.

*If the mother conceives twins of two different fathers(if somehow possible),
then both fathers lives will then be ruined. And the need to have a tie braker:
The two players will ejaculate into a new bowl, and insert that into a (New)
female's vagina. The steps will continue until they determine the father of

that child. Who ever isnt the father will continue to play until a winner is

Hey Man that game last weekend of semen roulette was insane! I hope i lost!
by SoulSombra February 05, 2014
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