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1: Selvyn is a name of English origin derived from the name Silvanus which is Latin for "Of the woods"

2: Selvyn is another word for a Music enthusiast of the Modern age. a Selvyn usually if not always owns a Macbook and High end Headphones i.e. Monster Beats by Dre Headphones.

3: Selvyn is a term for someone who is an avid Pot-smokerand Lover of Music. This is due to the fact that the name is derived from a Roman tutelary deity of woods and fields named Silvanus who was rumored to be god of the Trees.
Most Musicians and Artists are Selvyns at heart cuz they all Love weed and Music almost universally.

You can tell a Selvyn was here as it now smells like Marijuana and the Speakers are Blown.

Your not a Selvyn unless you make 5 beats a day for three summers.

I can't go anywhere without some Weed my Beat by Dre Headphones i'm such a Selvyn.

She loves going on hikes she's a true to life Selvyn
by Urban Man of Mystery April 24, 2011
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