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Selph is a deleted Nightmaren boss from the 1996 SEGA Saturn game "NiGHTS ito dreams." Although the character's theme song, "Know Thyself!", remains on the official NiGHTS OST, Selph was never given any serious development and was cut from the game before its release.

Selph's existence was discovered by accident deep within the files of the game, as an "empty slot" in a boss list. The list names all 7 of the existing NiGHTS bosses, but also includes a slot named "#M7:SELPH" immediately before Wizeman's slot. This strange name file contains no data of its own, however, and instead links back to the final boss, Wizeman. No further information is known about this list.

In a November 2007 interview with Takashi Iizuka, one of the lead designers for NiGHTS into dreams, Iizuka stated that "the idea for the character (Selph) existed, but he was never actually created."
As a result of Selph's unknown past, many fans of the NiGHTS series have created their own backstories and theories for the character.
Selph is the elusive 'missing boss' from NiGHTS into dreams.
by spinningcannon July 20, 2008
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