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1) Those myspacers who take pictures of themselves in vague hope they will look half decent with the right amount of light and correct angle. Sometimes taken at the correct angle to expose (often non existant) cleavage. Often associated with Photoshop, especially the 'Blur' and 'Clone' tools.

2) The art of spraying manpaste over yourself during masturbation. You can award yourself points on these guidelines:
0 points for - Miss / Dribble
5 points - Nipple Shot
10 points for - Neck / Belly button shot
50 points for - Eyes
100 points for - Mouth
- The competition is best when in large drunk groups.
1) "Xx- Please rate my new selfshot Myspace pics -xX"
2) "FUCK MAN! 100 points for that shot, went straight in!"
by Audiophile August 08, 2006
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The unfortunate event of jizzing in your own eye when you are masturbating
James: Man, last night was weird
Andrew: How so?
James: I was whacking off and i shot myself in the eye...
Andrew: ...So you self shot...?
James: ...Yea...
Andrew: ...
James: ...

(Andrew goes and tells all of James' firends)
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