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Term used to describe the act of reevaluating your own political ideologies and biases. Ironically, most often used by leftists asserting that someone's opinions are invalid because they did not arrive at the "correct" conclusion.
"Jane doesn't think it's transphobic to not want to date trans people. Rather than discuss this, I told her to self crit or quit."
by eckskayseedee December 11, 2016
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Short for self-criticism. Though few people could disagree with "self-criticism" on principle, it stands for a form of Maoist totalitarian mind control used by the more authoritarian portions of the left. The point isn't to criticize oneself so much as to replace all critical thought with a series of preconfigured, reductive, thought-terminating cliches that can be parroted in place of independent ideological analysis.
"But I just want to know how you can claim to be an anarchist and a Maoist at the same time, how that's even possible."
"You better self-crit."
by Valerie Morghulis May 26, 2017
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