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Self Brainwashing is a form of anxiety whetecyou become so paranoid of something about yourself you believe it to be true even if it isn't.
Rudy told Kelly she shall become cursed and can't drink Slurp because it will kill her. Now Kelly feels sick every time she tries to drink Slurp. Kelly is Self Brainwashing.
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by HyperRagingStorm August 18, 2017
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Extricating certain words, thoughts, beliefs, and expectations from one's brain and replacing them with other words, thoughts, beliefs, and/or expectations by writing them, reading them, recording them, playing them back, thinking about them and practicing them.
Reading numerous self-help books I realized that my beliefs and expectations were injected into me in various ways by different people since I was a child. Gradually, I realized that I could replace the negative words, thoughts, beliefs, and expectations with correct and better ones. I call that process self-brainwashing.
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by Spot Tricks May 07, 2018
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