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To describe a situation one is involved in, or had witnessed, and leaving out certain details that could incriminate the storyteller, or make them look bad or at fault in any way. To spin a story in a biased way so that the storyteller can look like the innocent, mistreated victim, and so the other characters in their story will appear mean and against them.
Example: "This is bullshit, man. The cops keep watching my house, and they've raided it like twice this month, trying to find drugs and other stuff, and I didn't even do anything wrong at all." (By using Selective Honesty, I will keep to myself the details about how I sell drugs, do drugs and buy drugs out of it. Hang out with, and be seen with well known druggies and thieves who are in and out of my house all day and night, every day and night, and I store & sell stolen stuff there.)

Example: "Dude I get pulled over like all the time, and I keep getting arrested and having to go to court so they can scam me out of more money. They just pull me over all the time, and I never even do anything wrong. They just got something against me and my bad-ass car." (Selective Honesty will allow me to retain pertinent aspects to this story such as my narcissistic need for attention that makes me feel entitled to speed all the fucking time, even with no urgency to reach my destination. I burn out everywhere, leaving black stripes all over other people's property, which is OK because my mom buys my tires for me. I drive like an inconsiderate asshole, as I challenge everyone at every stoplight to a race. I aggressively tailgate anyone in front of me since my car can't be tamed, and I feel speed limits just don't apply to me. I needlessly rev up my engine every chance I get, so that everyone can hear my loud-ass exhaust, and I refuse to use my turn signals out of laziness and obnoxiousness.)
by bigtymer01rk April 10, 2017
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