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A marvellous 24/7 store located in Broomhill, Sheffield. It is home to the infamous pone bone wine and £8 vodka.

When we say 24/7, we mean 24/7, 365 days of the year. They really love selecting & saving.

Beloved of students everywhere due to their erratic sleeping patterns and frequent need of alcohol and munchies.

King Edwards kids are just sour because they've starting ID'ing now.

May also be referred to as Nisa, by the elders, or spend and save by people fond of their Tesco-competing offers.
Student 1:It's 4am, where will I go to get doritoes/alcohol/pone bone?

Student 2: It's ok, select & save is open ;)
by Maximator June 26, 2011
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Commonly known as Shit & Save, the shop formely known as Nisa was taken over by Shit & Save during the 2008 summer holidays and is now green and shit. Students from King Edwards school now have to be faced with aisles at a stupid angle that completely disorientate you. Its pretty shit. Prices are beyond shit (e.g. Munchies for 59p omgg) and along with the disorientating angled aisles the pears are just shit and are no where near up to standard. Everyone is really confused as to what to call Shit & Save after calling in nisa for so long and its lowering the average gcse grades of the local schools.
A: How was shit & save? :/
B: Shit :(

'Lets go to Ni...oh man'

Example should include the word "Select & Save"
oh right sorry
by ihateshitandsave September 06, 2008
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