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The day after Cinco de Mayo; usually characterized by deadly farts, a killer hangover, and dormir mucho.
I love Cinco de Mayo- Taco Bell, Corona and lime, sombreros, and jammin' to mariachi songs!
I HATE Seis de Mayo- farts that smell like chalupas and a hangover the size of Mexico. It sucks big cojones.
by moroho May 06, 2010
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the 6th of May - a special holiday, devoted to nursing hangovers and otherwise dealing with the consequences of Cinco de Mayo
Tom: "Hey Dave, why didn't you show up for work yesterday?"
Dave: "It was May 6th, remember?"
Tom: "Duuude, you were so wasted on Cinco de Mayo- you downed like a full bottle of tequila! That must've been a killer hangover!"
Dave: "That's what why we have Seis de Mayo and aspirin."
by dbierman May 06, 2010
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Hipsters' version of Cinco de Mayo, becuase if hey celibrated that, it would be too "mainstream."
Elliot: Happy Cinco de Mayo!
James: Come on, you're killin' my buzz, wait 'till tomarrow.
Elliot: What's tomarrow?
James: Seis de Mayo, cause Cinco de Mayo's too mainstream.
James: No.. chill.
by sexypeacockfromhell May 10, 2012
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