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One of the most depressing drinking games ever invented. Has origins in a depressing Brantford, Ontario, which is widely known as the birthplace of Wayne Gretzky as well as for being the once-home of Alexander Graham Bell. In the present day, Brantford is mainly home to meth heads and university students who didn't have good enough marks to get accepted to Laurier's Waterloo campus or the concurrent education program at Queen's.

The drinking game consists of a communal bottle of wine (or box, depending on how self-loathing you're feeling that day) that is shared with a group as a Bob Seger song plays in the background. The wine is passed around in a circle as the song plays, and the person in possession of the wine when the song stops has to chug whatever is left. There is no winner to this game, but it is presumed the loser is the first person who either begins crying or who relapses to whatever drug habit for which they are being treated.
"Hey man, I just got started on methadone, want to get together later and do the Seger Slide?"
by brazzerssfw July 16, 2016
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