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1. One who has a passion, luck, or is excessively skilled with the cultivation of marijuana. This title is used for those who are truly skilled in growing weed (not for any casual grower) due to the many aspects which make marijuana growing a skill.

2. Can also be used for a grower who successfully grows weed under circumstances in which others would most likely fail.
1. Dude, you've got to try out this weed. I got it from a Seed Whisperer!

2. Hey, I heard Eddy harvested 5 pounds off one plant. He must be a Seed Whisperer.

3. (At high school)
Guy 1: Dude! Greg grew 7 plants all 5 feet tall in his room in his tiny house without his parents noticing!
Guy 2: Damn kid's a Seed Whisperer.
by the seed whisperer February 02, 2011
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