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Secret and Whisper are a unique band hailing from Kelowna, BC. The band consists of the former members of Stutterfly, minus vocalist Chris Stickney.

In 2006, Chris left Stutterfly due to personal reasons, and the band recruited Charles Furney, formerly of thebleedingalarm. Charles brought such a different sound to the band that they decided that they were no longer Stutterfly, and on February 24th 2007 they changed their name to Secret and Whisper.

Throughout the next year they released demos for songs like 'Vanishings', 'Attacker' and 'Spider Besider' until they signed to Tooth and Nail records and released their first album titled 'Great White Whale' on February 12th 2008.

The band has a terrific sound, but has been called a carbon clone of Saosin, but it would be ignorant to say they are just a rip off.

Unlike Saosin, Secret and Whisper create wicked vocal harmonies, and in my opinion Charles is a better overall vocalist than Cove. These guys also use some wicked ambience in tracks like 'Werewolves' and 'The Actress' which Saosin could never pull off. Saosin's songs can also get repetitive, but you could listen to Secret and Whisper's songs are so memorable it's impossible to get tired of them. I can assure you, if you like Saosin, you'll love these guys.

If you're looking for a breath of fresh air in today's stale music scene, check these guys out.

For fans of Circa Survive, Stutterfly, Saosin and Mew
Secret and Whisper released their debut album 'Great White Whale' February 12th! Go check it out!
by SecretFan March 13, 2008
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