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A city in Massachusetts, outside of Boston known for violence, drug use, and prostitution. Called Secret City because cops are unable to stop the violence and drug trafficting and getting snitches to inform them of activities. Therefore the cops here are dumb founded.
Also known as New Bedford, New B, New Beige or the 508.
-Hey man where you from?

-Me? I'm from the Secret City.

-What? Whats the Secret City?

-Its the city where cops don't know whats going down and are idiots....they couldnt stop a one legged man from robbing a bank and getting away on foot. Its New B dawg. Now stop with the questions before I cap you're white ass....
by NewBeige May 12, 2008
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The unofficial nickname for New Bedford, MA.
Called Secret City due to the local hidden talent that stays undiscovered in the artistic underground. Coined by SkyKing.
You'll never hear my single on the radio because it was recorded in Secret City.
by El Phillippe! December 10, 2014
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