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An average to decent band from San Diego, CA with obvious influences from Impending Doom and Sleeping Giant (and stolen riffs from For The Fallen Dreams), this band attracts local hardcore/scene kids that have horrible to average taste in music. Most of the fans are members from other local bands with the same amount of talent (little to none). The general sound of this band is low tuned guitars and muddy distortion with every song sounding the same.

The current members of the band are:
Jeremy - vocals (Has a huge ass)
Eddie - 'lead' guitar (Smells like tacos)
Evan - bass (Definitely jewish and awkwardly creepy)
Ian - guitar (Definitely hates the band and didn't write this what-so-ever)
Tony - drums (Better than the last drummer that we wont name)

Ex members:
Max - drums
-"What up, did you see that hella' buttery legit ass mutha fuckin show Seconds From Disaster played last night?"

-"Naw bro, I was raging with the homies but it's whatever though because they'll just play some shitty house show next weekend anyways"

-"Naw dude it's all about house shows!"

-"For sure."
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