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The second law of Homodynamics states that the entropy of the gayness in a closed system shall increase over time, and that the odds of someone being gay shall become more likely over time due to the easibility of being gay.

The level of homosexuality increases every time someone says no homo and further research must be done in order to understand how we can limit this pollution. currently due to the first law of homodynamics the big gay cannot be destroyed it can only be transferred meaning that current measures of using gay people to store the homo (through the use of sacrificing themselves to limit pollution through the term "full homo") is ineffective after the person has died as the homo is just released back into the atmosphere further threatening humanities survival. Further research must be completed on homodynamics and how to mitigate the increasing levels of pollution or humanity will perish in the face of the great filter.
You: "I'm terrified is humanity really going to end?"
Friend: "well according to the second law of homodynamics..."
You: "really? oh fuck me..."
Friend: "don't mind if I do"
You: "uhh no homo?"
Friend: "Full homo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "
by Souly_uwu June 10, 2018
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