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When you go to the toilet with the purpose of excreting feces, you tell your friends that you are going to the second front (clash of two forces in a fierce,everlasting, epic battle).
In WW2 the second front started with D-Day.
"Sudden attack, roaring flack canons give birth to throngs of dark clouds in the sky, the air, over saturated with the smell of gunpower, big planes piercing trough the fog with one goal, DROP THE BOMB."

To finish, I will quote Napoleon, a man with deep understanding of the human nature:
"A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon."
Petar: I am going to the second front.
Jim: Watch your ass mate, it is a bloody war out there.
Petar: I know it is hard, but it is my responsibility to do this.
Jim: Godspeed brother.
by Petar_D January 05, 2008
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