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A Seaweed Salad is created when a man is about to ejaculate and he leaves the smallest portion of the head of his penis inside the female so as not to shoot the semen all the way into the vagina. The man then uses the necessary amount of fingers to "scoop" or "spoon" out the semen from the vagina.

The man than cups the hands, so the semen gathers into a small pool in the palm, and the female spits into the pool in order to make the semen more of a "salad dressing" consistency.

Once the pool is nice and runny, the man (who must have a hairy butthole/taint) slathers (or "dresses") the butthole/taint region with the Seaweed Salad dressing.

The female than enjoys her healthy Seaweed Salad in an "eating out" fashion.

The pubic hair is the salad/seaweed portion, and it is encouraged that the female consumes some of said hair during the eating out process. Chop-Sticks are not allowed, the tongue is the only utensil needed.

So the waitress from P.F. Chang's came over last night and had a real nice Seaweed Salad. Luckily I had some extra sesame seeds in my pantry or else she would have tasted a little too much Eel Sauce in her bowl.
by Mr. Scoom October 08, 2014
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