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Seattle sports teams are notorious for losing the big game. Now Seattle is a great city, but I can't help but notice how well Seattle sports teams do during the regular season and sometimes go deep in the playoffs, ony to choke during the big game(s), that are essential for victory. True Seattle sports fans probably feel my pain, so we should ban together and force Bill Gates to buy the Mariners(who need the most help). I'm sure that with a payroll 5x the amount of the Yankees, the Mariners would finally be able to bring home a world series Victory to the Emerald city.

(Adrian Beltre gets paid 12.9 million a season)

Seattle Mariners: yr.2001 116 wins 46 losses -thats right 116 wins!
Seattle Sonics: yr.2004-05 52wins 30 losses -Sacramento was too easy!
Seattle Seahawks:yr.2005-06 13wins 3 losses -On to Detroit!


The Mariners fall to the New York Yankees in the championship series, The Sonics lose to the San Antonio Spurs during the western semifinals, and to top it all off, the Seahawks totally fuck the Superbowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers on national television! (thanks to the officials) Although that was one hell of a way for Jerome Bettis to polish off his outstanding career.

(If you live in Washington, feel free to scream as loud as you can. If not, find Washington State on a map, put your finger on it and laugh)

Seattle sports teams are the best!
by The Chuk May 15, 2006
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