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Is the typical angry female seen staring at her phone or just plain looking angry.If you make eye contact with this beast she will start pointing at you and screaming misagynist, oppressor,or any other litany of feminist anti-male buzzwards.
Man did you hear that Seattle Basic Bitch going off on that guy for asking her if she wanted a drink at the bar last night.
by SingleSeattle November 02, 2015
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A Seattle basic bitch is not to different than a regular basic bitch. This basic bitch originated from Seattle or surrounding areas. As a basic bitch is generally a female, there are some males who have caught the basic bitch syndrome. She/He takes pictures of everything and posts them on a variety of social media sites; Facebook, Instagram, snapchat. They often take adventures to magical places like a Seahawks game, Starbucks, chipotle or some other type of 'basic hippie' location. She/he documents the outing with a selfie to make sure the world knows. Selfies include; pictures in their Seahawks swag, pictures with their Starbucks drink, pictures at a festival or rave, or a combination of the sort of 'basic' activities one might do in Seattle.
Did you see Sara's Instagram? She posted another selfie in her Seahawks gear with another white chocolate mocha from Starbucks with the hashtag #fuckthe49ers. What a Seattle basic bitch.
by Seattlelover January 07, 2015
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