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The root word to search means to look through, to examine, to analyze and even to locate certain items - in a file, a database or a text. The origin of the word search can be traced back to the latin circāre that means to go round. The suffix –ency can denote an act of doing something, a state or a condition. So the meaning of the word searchency can be described as an act of search that finds favourable conditions for attaining its end. Another hypothesis as to the origin of this word is that it derives from the clipping of the two words making up the combination search transparency.
Here are some instances of its use in modern English:
1. It is not that all search engines can ensure real searchency.
2. The question of the searchency principle is very important.
3. It is still not the real searchency we need.
4. The user can doubt the searchency principle of some popular search engines.
by carsgonecanada January 05, 2012
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