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An awesome real Professonial Skateboarder best known for his Nollie Grinds, Hardflips, 360 flips, and Nollie Flips. Turned pro in 2008 and competed in the Maloof Money Cup placing atleast 12 among the best skaters in the world. Sean Malto is also known for his incredible steezy (style with ease). tricks and sick video parts. His sponsors include : Girl,Etnies,Thunder,Spitfire,Fourstar clothing,and Diamond. Sean Malto is easily one of the best skateboarders today!
Dude did you see Sean Malto's part!
by Randomskater13 July 14, 2008
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Sean Malto is kind of like a game you can play with both genders. It's when you go to a random person and try to get something off them by saying "my friends will pay me ______ and you can make it up from there!
The name Sean Malto is from a famous skateboarder who did this on his free time but the original is guys trying to hook up with random girls.
You:My friends will pay me $5 if you make out with me?
Random Person: Sure
Friends: *Gives you $5*
Friends: WOW, he just Sean Malto her!
by Farzad Goosee July 26, 2011
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