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A loud fag whom is very annoying and loves lesbians. If you've made freinds with one you're one of a few and unlucky. He wears a trench coat and has long greasy hippie looking hair.
Looks like a hippie, must be a Sean Newton-Mott
by Buttcheaks69 March 07, 2017
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Sean Newton-Mottis the most amazing guy you’ll ever meet. One look at him and you are trapped in endless love and affection. Looking into their eyes you are captivated. Their eyes soft you can see their feelings, wants, needs, and also desires. Their bodies, stunning and perfect to the extent of undesirable desire. Their smiles are like the sunrise and sunset. You would want to see it forever. It is the best thing to ever see and experience. Knowing one on the outside they act tough and hide their feelings from others. They are some times corrupted, but never let it consume them. Well known as fighters and the most strongest people you’ll know. They are caring, compassionate, inspiring, loving, and protective. Never like to see the people they care about to get hurt. If angered they can ruin your life forever. They show the most affection and will spend time with you when ever they can. Also will help you in need. They also love dominance(in bed), is their greatest part along with their personality. Have the best sense of humor. Can make you feel like the only one in the world. Great listeners and can inspire you within time or getting to know. Outgoing and also hardworking. If you dated one he is a keeper. They are loyal and trust worthy and will treat you like a princess...... and the only thing that matters in the whole world. They can be shy with letting you into your life, but if you take the time it will be totally worth it in the end.
Sean Newton-Mott The most amazing person in the world to have in your life.
by TinyPrincess June 13, 2018
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