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When a man believes that his physical attractiveness is in unaffected by age. Syndrome sufferers often repeat the word "distinguished" and cite Sean Connery as an example, hence the syndrome name. Afflicted men fail to recognize that the allure of Connery's celebrity status does not apply to them. Plus no woman age 35 or younger would ever want today’s Sean Connery to sexually touch her now. Cures for this syndrome include looking into a mirror and psychoanalysis to break down their deep refusal to acknowledge reality.
Man A: That brunette won't lock eyes with me. I'm gonna get closer.

Man B: Her? She is half your age.
Man A: What are you talking about? My distinguished looks can bag that!
Man B: Dude, you got some chronic Sean Connery Syndrome. I'll be over here when she has the bartender send you away.
by clevername July 19, 2018
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