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Seamus Finnigan is a minor character in the Harry Potter series. He is desribed as having snady hair, freckles and being short. He is often used as comic relief and is best known througout the series for blowing things up, his Irish accent and is friendship with fellow Gryffindor Dean Thomas. He holds no significant plot but is recurring in other plots. In the books he asks Sir Nichols de Mimsy-Porpington how he can be nearly headless, but in the film the line is given to Hermione Granger. He explodes a feather while attempting to levitate it in a Charms lesson, a goblet of water as he attempted to turn it into rum ( and Ron Weasley claims once managed a weak tea before an explosion) and his potion in his sixth year Potions class with Prof. Slughorn. He saved Harry Potter from dementors in Deathly Hallows. In Order of the Phoenix he argues with Harry about the claims of Voldemort's return, claiming he believes the Daily Propher and he refused to join Dumbledore's army, until later in the book/film when he apologies. In this sub-plot Harry insults his mother.
Finnigan is Irish, his mother a witch and his dad a muggle who he claimed left when he found out about Seamus' mother. His patronus is a fox and he is often shipped with Dean Thomas (deamus) or Lavendar Brown.
The phrase, 'I did a Seamus/Finnigan/Seamus Finnigan' can also mean 'I cause an explosion'.
He is played by Devon Murray.
1) Person 1 'RUN! I just did a Seamus Finnigan!'

Person 2 'WHAT!! You idiot!'

2) Person 1 'Did you Seamus Finnigan in that chapter?'

Person 2 'Yeah, so heroic saving Harry like that'

3) Person 1 'He's so sexy. So bloody Irish. I love him'

Person 2 'Oh, here you go on about bloody Seamus Finnigan again'
by ludii_90six December 30, 2011
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