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adj. Of or pertaining to the Seattle Gothic
community, or the web-based bulletin
board of the Seattle Gothic community.

n. The Seattle Gothic bulletin board
itself, or its members collectively,
or members of the community as a whole.

n. An individual, not necessarily Goth,
who identifies as part of the Seattle
Gothic community, or who frequents the
the Seattle Gothic bulletin board or
associates with others who do.

Plural: Seagoths or Seagothim

Coined by Hardrock Llewynyth as the
name for the e-list, an earlier form
of the Seagoth bulletin board maintained
by Josie Nutter. Also Seattle Gothic,
SeaGoth, and seattlegothic.
Was there a Seagoth event at Aurafice?
I saw about 30 Seagothim outside as I
drove by earlier this evening.
by Ivy Green August 04, 2003
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