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An online dating service such as lavalife where you basically look through an online menu of girls and try to arrange a hookup. High volume traders on the seadonkey exchange frequently arrange to meet their prospective piece of ass in a public place so that if they end up being butt ugly they can easily bail on the chick. Other times, guys will have their friends go to the prospective girls place of employment to see if she is too nasty to hit up. It is a Generally Accepted Seadonkey Principle (GASP), that 95% of the girls on seadonkey exchange websites are repulsive. Yet, some men are attracted to the fuck and chuck aspect of the whorish online women. Seadonkey exchanges should be used sparingly and only in times of desparation as they will most certainly result in a large ashamed list.
Barry: Hey Levi, can you go to REI and see if this chick that works there is worth my time?
Levi: Did you meet her on the seadonkey exchange Barry?
Barry: Yeah, what's the big deal?
Levi: It's just that you already have the biggest ashamed list of anybody I know by far. You sure you want to do this?
Barry: Yeah man, I really need some head and my back massaging tool just doesn't get me off like it used to.
by Lazynutz July 04, 2005
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