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verb: to "seacrest" is to say something and/or act in a manner that is off-putting but intended to garner approval and acceptance, but also to do so in a manner that makes others think the subject is trying to hard to get attention.

adjective: description of a person who tries to hard for the attention and acceptance of others, to the point of alienating everyone; aka histrionic with a touch of retardation. Also a description of an act out of desperation used to get attention.

noun: a person who makes several, often strained and/or desperate attempts for the approval and acceptance of others, often to those people's annoyance. A "seacrest" is generally specific to effiminate and/or "metrosexual" men; a "rube" or "country bumpkin" would not be a seacrest but none of the above employ wit or intellectual conversation in their attempts to entertain.

synonyms: twat, plague, Carson Daly
antonyms: cool, Eddie Izzard, shizznit
verb use:
"Remember that guy at the party, the one wearing all the Von Dutch shit? I must have accidentally looked him in the eye because he followed me around all night, seacresting me about his celebrity as a DJ even though I've never heard of him."

use of adjective:
"Don't look, but there's Ryan. Oh my God, he's so seacrest - he's still telling jokes even though no one is laughing, even as they walk away. And that impression of Austin Powers? Eh, so seacrest."

use of noun:
"That seacrest kept going on and on about what chitlins are as if NOBODY in America knows what that is except like, four people from the south. What's his white ass got against soul food? Generalizing then trying to marginalize African-Americans is NOT entertaining."
by Murray June 29, 2004
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Nickname for Jon Evans, An RA in New South Hall, 1st Floor, Georgetown University.
Yo, Seacrest totally broke up the party in my room last night.
by AGD October 17, 2004
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