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A country club, vacation resort, neighborhood, and company based in Glynn County, Georgia. Sea Island is of of the coast of Brunswick and is half way between Savannah and Jacksonville. The island is accessed by driving through Saint Simons Island. The three main parts of Sea Island are the Cloister,a luxury hotel; the Beach Club, soon scheduled to be renovated; and Ocean Forest, the new golf club. The island also has houses on it. Most of the houses are either vacation homes or are rented to tourists who visit. A much smaller group of houses are lived in year round. Many people who visit Sea Island will come every summer for a few weeks and rent a house. This practice is most common among families in Macon and Atlanta. Sea Island is known to be an extremely preppy and Southern location both of which are heavily emphasized. It also is known for its golf. The Sea Island Company has developed two other resorts in the area; the Lodge on Saint Simons and the Lodge in Cabin Bluff. Besides golf, Sea Island is known for it's beaches and bingo featuring Billy Bingo. Membership to the Beach Club is no longer offered without the sale of property and criticisms have been raised about how memberships to the social club were awarded after the club was privatized. The common feeling among older members was that membership went from "who you know" to "who can pay the most." Currently Sea Island is involved in developing northern Saint Simons Island into a new golf course and neighborhood and building the new Beach Club.
Local Guy 1- I met some girls who are staying on Sea Island for a week.

Local Guy 2- Did you get their numbers?
by BenFriedman August 22, 2006
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