A bug eyed car salesman,who thinks he was a cop but only chased squirrels
Yo that new salesman looks just like a sea robbin.
by balls deep 69 September 15, 2006
The system of turning salt water into fresh distilled water by boiling it.
Often stylized as "SEA PLAW".
Bob:How we gon drink this water.
Sam:Use sea plaw
A threesome conducted in or underwater. Preferably 2 Guys and 1 Girl.
"Yeah man im telling you, im going to go Wet a V in The Sea with my girl and a freind."
by ImSoFuckingTired March 16, 2017
my mom beat me with a slipper when i told her i got bees and seas
by helhoot August 11, 2022
things that live under the water. things u can not drown. Sea animals are animals and they can attack anybody, if you're not 5 and fricking disgusting y'all poops. But sea animals can be cute,just dont bring them above water.
person: Sea animals are stupid
person2: no their fish like nemo

person3: sea animals are cute, #cute, stupid, awesome, perfect, hate, i hate you, #stop, #stopanimalabuse ok bye
by nemo1234dory May 9, 2018