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A group affiliated with BSA. Boy Scouts on water. Unlike forest fairies Sea Scouts know how to get shit done. The toughest bamf's in scouting.
Sea Scout: What did you do this weekend?
Boy Scout: I slept in a tent, then walked in the forest, how about you?
Sea Scout: I climbed robe, went sailing, fixed a 200hp engine, and played on a fucking aircraft carrier. Oh i also saved someones life.
Boy Scout: Well i had s'mores.
Sea Scout: Wow you must have had fun at your tea party. put some pants on and join Sea Scouts
by sexy219 October 30, 2011
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Scouts that do activities on water and sail. Often brag about the hard camping trips and how cool 'sea scouts' are, when in reality are very weird people who like to have short lasting relationships and flirtatious banter within their 'scout group'
'what a bunch of sea scouts' ' yeah they're all in love with each other'
by realscout January 06, 2012
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