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In the old days of Spain, they were usually the landowners son in the hacienda and would occasionally inspect the holdings thoroughly on horseback and would whip peasants if work wasn't done fast enough.
In modern Spain it usually refers to a rich well dressed young man from Madrid to Andalusia who's a womanizer, pretentious, elitist and spends large amounts of cash on whatever desire he chooses.
In short, whatever the age, the señorito has always done what he pleases and usually gets away with it.
Señorito please, I'm working as fast as I can!

Damn those bitches, why do they always go for the señorito!
by The Bohemian July 28, 2012
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Spanglish hippie word used among friends in place of sir for English or señor Spanish. Often used among friends. Rarely used by anyone that actually speaks English and Spanish.
"Esme took exception to the use of the word Senorito as it isn't in any language she speaks. However she wouldn't get on the mic to properly explain her disdain. You would think it was a gigantic penis, this senorito"
by RonCoyote September 21, 2012
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Typically used to refer to a male Hispanic virgin esp. one that is older and is either afraid of women or saving himself for marriage. A senorito is usually very sensitive and emotional.
Hola senorito, have you had those calluses removed from your palm yet?
by Senorito August 02, 2007
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