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The worst Spanish teacher ever. Here are the reasons:
1- He's rlly ugly
2- He's clumsy
3- He tries to be cool
4- He tries to be funny
5- He stands way too close to you when you're having a conversation
6- He creeps on girls
7- He looks like lord Farquaad from Shrek
8- He claims he's from a Spanish background even though he's lived in America for his whole life
9- He's annoying
10- He his Jewish and he makes fun of Christmas music (that's like a Christian person making fun of a dreidel. You just don't)
11- you could easily fry a French fry in his hair it's so greasy
12- There's so much more but wed be here all day
"Señor David tripped over my charger for the 50th time today"
"Señor davids gum fell out of his mouth onto a students desk again"
by Ritzcrackerz January 22, 2017
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