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One who has sex with many men during the night yet during day hours, she claims to be true to one victim. She has all the traits of a succubus but also has severe mental disorders such as Bi-Polar disorder. They also have brain damage and severe outbursts due to severe meth use. The victim will often fall ill, later to find out they have been been suffering from long term slow poison exposure from the scuntubus. She will latch into her prey immediatley and will isolate him from anyone who interfears. Her seemingly nice but phoney demeanor is transparent to those that are close to him. He is generally under a spell that he cannot see through this. She is generally on a quick plan of destruction about 12-24 months before she sucks him completely dry of all assets, friends and family.
Wow I can't believe she expects his friends to make reservation to come over to his house. What a scuntubus!

She is such a scuntubus, she deleted his friends and family off his facebook and pretends she is him online.

That hoe is such a scuntubus she moved in and pretended she was paying rent and was blowing her welfare money on meth.

She is such a scuntubus she demands beer served to her where ever she goes.
by talkstruth July 27, 2010
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