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SEE SCUM SHOT: When you blow a load all over your floor and your woman (in some case a man does apply)and has to get every drop. The 5 second rule does apply.
We were at an orgy last week, when I saw this woman licking up a scum shot. I dont think the 5 second rule was applied.
by Brian Falker May 20, 2004
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A stroke played in handball where the player waits for the ball to be close to the ground and strikes it at a high velocity, making the ball skid close to the ground to the opponent. Scum shots are one of the most effective strokes in handball and if played well, can be very difficult to return.

Scum shots can also be referred to as "dicking" your opponent.
Gotchya with the scum shot once again!
by AwesomenessXYZ February 07, 2010
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When you lay a piece of poop horizontally over a girl's belly button and shoot semen through or on top of the piece of poop.
Man,I gave that bitch a scumshot last night.
by Nay Nay September 15, 2006
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