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adj. the simple act of shartng while cumming.
Pronounced SCUA-ART
i was in the bathroom stall masturbating to kill some time before 7th period. I was thinking about the girl in 3rd period the sat right in front of me, whos her hair smelled of sweet baby ray's sweet' n spicy barbecue sauce. i was just about to finish up when the janitor open the stall door, i was startled to say the least. I fart to try and draw attention away from the fact that im cumming which unfortunately lead to a shart. I then take my underwear off, place then in the trash and give the janitor 5 bucks, cause im not cleaning that sh!t up! I wash my hands and let out one last fart sending us both back to those awkward seconds of my first scuart.
by lord choddington January 13, 2011
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