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Scrubfuckery is the phenomenon of scrubs (broke ass jive ass turkey ass mufuckas) still managing to get laid in lieu of their lack of funds and inability to pay for anything. Biochemical engineering analysts conclude that the "Scrub" emits a subtle yet powerful pheromone that alters the minds of those around him, causing an outpouring of generosity and admiration directed at the Scrub. This can be thought of as a subconscious Jedi mind trick. Political analysts call it "Reverse-Communism," and can lead to a further state known as "Gettinfreeshitism."
Damn I dont know how he does it. Bitches just goin' to him.
Yeah ain't he broke as a joke?
Fo sho'. Scrub status. But, there it is plain as day.
Yeah, nigga still gettin laid.
Straight Scrubfuckery homie.
by gotmoneyjones March 10, 2010
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