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Somebody who feels the need to take screenshots of a fellow Snapchatter's snapstorm.

When the Screenshot Warrior Troll has done this, they will usually send their screenshots to the people being talked about in said snapstorm. More often than not, the trolls have first-hand knowledge of the situation being referred to in the rants, something which allows them to stir the situation.

As may be expected, Screenshot Warrior Trolls find themselves removed and/or blocked on Snapchat pretty quickly due to the additional drama they cause, and if after reading a snapstorm they do not have enough knowledge to stir the situation effectively, then they will ask the fellow snapchatter what their story is about.

Screenshot Warrior Trolls are masters of pretending to be friends with the other Snapchatter, so they will come across as friendly in their asking about the snapstorm. But as soon as they realise what and who exactly the other person's story is about, they will screenshot said story and send screenshots of it to the people being talked about like there is no tomorrow.
"I’ve had to remove a couple of Screenshot Warrior Trolls this week. In doing what they did, they showed their true colors. Terrible!
by Masterspy October 31, 2017
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