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A non profit charity started in 2010.
Feeds people.
Funded by donation.
Great cause.
Pretty girls love people who are caring
Good to put in resume.
Started by two high school students.

Celebrities love this charity and are heavy donaters. It makes you look cool if you take part in this cause
Dave: "Hey man you wanna go do drugs after school?"
Barack: "Nah bro, I'm gonna go volunteer for Scraps For Africa!"

Lottery: "Well ma'am, what charity would you like to donate all of this money to?"

Tupac: "Ay yo fatass, you need to quit eating so much shit and donate to Scraps For Africa"
Biggie: "Man shut up! Nigga I donate anyways, I endorse that shit dog!"

Brangelina: "Hey, instead of adopting all of Africa, lets just donate to Scraps For Africa!"
Tom Cruise: "I WANNA DONATE TOO!!!!!!!"
by ILOVEOSMANSHAHID March 11, 2010
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