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noun. A feeling of mounting frustration and even anger commonly experienced by the losing player in the popular board game, Scrabble. Scrabble Rage will often follow a surprise high-scoring word from the opponent and is particularly likely if the winner (or soon-to-be a winner) shows any signs of smugness*

NB In extreme cases of Scrabble Rage, anything the winner does or says can be interpreted by the loser as smugness. While violence is rare, much tutting, sighing, reddening of the face, muttering about bad tiles and staring into space has been recorded during outbreaks of Scrabble Rage.

*See Scrabble Smugness.
Woman: Whenever my husband loses at Scrabble he gets the most awful Scrabble Rage.

Husband: You could at least wait for me to leave the room before you start talking about me.
by Pseudocrat November 03, 2009
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