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When a person of large or hefty girth tucks in their shirt, only to have the back side pull back out and hang down below the belt line. Usually this is due to the large overhang on the front lower torso pulling the shirt in that direction. Usually one experiencing "Scotty shirt" will not fix the issue. Mostly due to the unwanted repetition it would require throughout the day and an overall lack of desire to look halfway decent. A person suffering from Scotty shirt is usually below reproach hygiene wise.
Hefty person #1: The back of my shirt keeps riding up and falling out when I tuck it in! Fuck it, my arms hurt, I'm just going to leave it like that. But that's part of the struggle of being fat...

Person #2: Daayyyum playa! You done got yourself a Scotty shirt!
by security dude June 26, 2014
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