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It is common to see "Scottifer's" in small vechials. Such people, also tend to drive very fast with little fear, but are carful and have a good sence of what is about to come. Wiether on the road, or in real life "scottifer's" have the tendency to predict what is going to happen. It is common to see "Scottifer's" walking on any local train track area. They tend to have a understandance for computers, and have the ablity to come up with "bogus" answers that sound real off the top of there head. Furthermore, most people with these names enjoy outdoors, and physical sports; such as paintball, and waterskiing.
It it very common to hear any "scottifer" saying "I dont want to eat chocolate, cuz im gonna get FAT. BUT ITS SOOOOOO GOOD"
by Yoshie Jenkiens March 30, 2005
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