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Scotch Rudder:

- is the masturbation-technique (or masterbation-process) of a person helping get themselves off by holding onto the forearm of the arm they are using to masturbate themselves with, and using it to shake the masturbation arm with the arm and hand they are not using on their 'netherly regions'; essentially adding comfort and support while 'steering' the masturbation process

*** despite the name, the Scotch Rudder can be performed by people of any nationality and by non-sailing males, females and whatevers

(DISCLAIMER: this is NOT to be confused with the 'double-handed-rub' which is a totally different masturbation technique)

Background: This technique is generally used by celibate people who really think the Dutch Rudder is cool, but can't find a mate.
Joe had to use the speaker phone when he was talking to Val because (unbeknownst to her) he was in the process of giving himself a Scotch Rudder. However, Joe was clever enough to say he 'had to go' and hung up, before he went.

Jim: What is taking Val so long in the washroom?
Bob: Val belongs to the self-help group called 'Sex Without Partners', and I am sure she is in there giving herself a Scotch Rudder, again!

Jim: Did you hear about Richards accident and how he lost his left arm?
Bob: Yeah. What a shame. I also heard he used to like to do the Scotch Rudder, too. Oh well, he can always go Dutch.
by GlennyJ December 10, 2013
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