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After getting stoned,blazed,high,or faded in this case you use this phrase to express to people that you are high and have in tern scored one for team faded. Team Faded can consist of anyone. Yourself, or everyone you are with while getting faded. This phrase may only be used once by every person after getting high no more than that or else it just gets old. Although if you happen to smoke again in a few hours then you would say Score 2 for Team Faded. any number of times after that you add one point to the board for TEAM FADED.
1) *after smoking a blunt*
Carter- Awww yeauh. Score one for Team FADED!!
Ellie- blah blah blah smoking is bad for you blah blah.
Carter-*tisk* man check out dis foo

2)*after smokeing 2 hours earlier you smoke again*
Carter- Score 2 For TEAM FADED!!!
Ellie- wow again.
Carter-hellz ya.
by smoking in hobo village March 21, 2009
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