A Scooter Rider is someone who rides a scooter for fun and gets tons of hate on people who cant stop sucking there own cock. A scooter rider usually is someone from ages 13-22 but is more chill than you think. Most scooter riders hate razor scooter kids as much as fellow skaters do, just because they get in the way of both of them. Scootering is deemed easy but isn't that easy, there are tricks that take years for people to learn, and most riders commit to there riding.
"Yo James did you see that Scooter Rider do a buttercup?"
"Yeah dude, he isnt as gay as most skaters say they are"
"Yeah man, he earned my respect"
by Thewholebeemoviescriptisacurse September 14, 2020
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on October 27th kiss a scooter rider, girls this is your day to kiss a scooter rider
it’s kiss a scooter rider day , let’s make out
by wsg maki October 04, 2021
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