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The paranormal ability gained after watching too much scooby doo which allows the afflicted to tell exactly (every time) who dun it in any scooby doo episode within minutes of it starting.

Common side effects of this ability include but are not limited to:
- Uncontrollable humming of the scooby doo theme.
- Inability to supress daydreams including enigmatic dogs.
- Impressing friends or siblings you reveal this power to, followed by inspiring them with awe at your powers, quickly followed by complete alienation and rejection from all close friends, but that doesn't matter because you can still watch scooby doo.
- Being bequeathed with unimaginative nicknames revolving around the scooby theme. And liking it.
- Being hit by projectiles while your just minding your own business.
- Thinking that meeting up with other people who like scooby doo you met on is perfectly normal.

Unfortunately this unique and incredibly usefull ability is lost if you go without watching scoob's wild adventures for more than a couple of weeks. Alas.
One without Scooby sense (OWSS): Hey im going to watch some Scooby doo.
The afflicted: Ill watch too.
*Presses play*
The afflicted: ITS HIM! *Points*
OWSS: How do you know?
*** If it weren't for you meddling!... ***
Scoobatron: Told you so.
OWSS: Man thats weird. *Leaves*
OWSS: "FREAK!" *Egg impacts on window*
*Presses play*
by Greggythegreat December 18, 2009
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