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A big-A asshole atheist who believes any of the following: that “science” is necessarily opposed to “religion” or religion to scientific discovery; that a theory of change in the physical world (evolution) somehow logically implies that there is ‘no room for God’; that “science rules” even though can kill people; that “science” can solve all moral problems; that we can run society like a science experiment changing all our beliefs on the spot like scientists do about peer reviewed theory with p-values; that “God” is the product of gaps in our scientific knowledge not a recognition and community of right living; that the only thing stunting science is religion; that it isn’t somehow fucked-up to think of the science-religion nexus of _centuries_ ago as representative of today
science-athetards: “Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings.” “Praying doesn’t get you to the moon.” “No answers, therefore God.” “We don’t need god to explain the universe.”

Daaamn. Go away you self-deceived science athetard. “Science” built the planes and showed how to do maximal damage during attacks. Theists created and funded the space program. Swimming doesn’t get you to the moon either - just another science-athetard non sequitur!

If you don’t like praying, don’t do it – who asked the science athetard, anyway?

Why do science athetards overlook climate denial, secular anti-vaccine hysteria, and the corporate assault on nutrition science and regulation?

Tell the science athetard that god keeps us at home in the universe and shows what is important and what is not. "Science without Religion Is Lame, Religion without Science Is Blind"
by UrbanTwo September 28, 2012
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