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A punning, portmanteau term for those members of the middle-classes who, having reached middle-age and moderate prosperity, have decided to embrace the notion of the "gentleman scholar" and broaden their academic horizons.

In this particular scenario, the victims believe that a subscription to New Scientist, the occasional viewing of Horizon and being able to tell exactly why Dr. Hawking is in his wheelchair gives them a peerless grasp of the scientific world.
Dr. A: How's work?

Dr. B: Meh.

Mr. C: Hey guys, did you check out the reports from the L.H.C.? I bet Jogesh Pati is worried about his unification theory right about now!

Dr.A: He knows we're biologists, right?

Dr.B: No clue, he's Sci-Curious. He thinks we all work in the same lab.
by Jamie H. Lewis June 05, 2009
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