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Pronounced Sh-wobble-nork

As a noun: The epitome of a fool.
If someone is a schwobblenork they are one of the reasons that the generations are becoming dumber and dumber.
Schwobblenorks are also commonly hypocrites and do ridiculous things such as call other people ignorant and of course also be ignorant themselves. They tend to think they are the coolest thing since the air conditioner.

As a verb: If someone is schwobblenorking they are engaging in the act of killing off other people's brain cells with their own words/actions.
As a noun: He was such a schwobblenork. He would stand up, pull his jeans up to where they belonged, and then pull them down just before he sat back in his seat.

As a verb: When Liz asked what I was doing I told her that I was listening to Jack schwobblenork. He was arguing with Chris and all of his arguments contradicted themselves. He'd been schwobblenorking for the past hour.
by Schwobbs Norks June 12, 2014
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