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Nickname for one with the surname 'Schwind'. A term of endearment for one who is generally considered to be very kind and considerate. However, he/she tends to bear malicious thoughts towards many; thankfully, he/she possesses the temperance to withhold such thoughts.

He/she also deals with many internal conflicts, and has trouble confiding in others. He/she can make for a great friend, but seeking anything more is dangerous territory.
"Schwindy's so nice. I wish he'd tell us more about him."
by The Responsible One October 28, 2008
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A new term that has recently began to trend throughout the Midwest, sometimes overheard in Las Vegas. Originating from the German last name Schwindenhammer, the use of the phrase is to imply the overuse of marijuana. The user of said word is getting so high off gas that they are launching off in a rocket ship. The windy incorporated into the term, refers to the aftermath forces from the thrust of a rocket.
Schwindy made it windy like Chicago City.
by I don't lift August 31, 2018
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